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Gourango Founder
32 Ezra Street Todi Corner North Block 8th Floor room No 866 Kolkata 700001
Mobile: +91 90736 81590

Our Story

Faradic leads the way in the drone industry, renowned for its exceptional aerial drones and advanced hardware. Our enduring commitment to excellence has garnered us a strong reputation and unwavering customer loyalty nationwide. The cornerstone of Faradic's success lies in our unwavering dedication to innovation and quality, which is evident in our expansive range of products. We are steadfast in our mission to provide cutting-edge drone technology that not only meets the needs of our stakeholders but also equips them with precision, versatility, and confidence in the ever-evolving drone industry. Through our extensive partner network, including dealers and distributors, we are dedicated to delivering authentic products, whether they are our own proprietary offerings or multi-brand products, throughout the entire nation.


Our Mission

Our mission is to harmoniously integrate diverse systems, uniting a minimum of two systems into a seamless blend. This fusion significantly enhances operational capabilities, elevating the overall proficiency and efficiency of our drones.